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Personalised training program (P.T.P)

How will a P.T.P help me train?

Below is a few examples on how a P.T.P can help you earn better workouts, results and timeframe.

Weight gain

Weight gain with exercise may be disheartening. But before you hang up your running shoes, take heed. Exercise has not betrayed you—this weight gain is short-lived.

In the short term, exercise causes some bodily changes that may temporarily bump up your body weight. Your muscles not only get bigger and stronger, but their chemistry changes too. That is, you increase certain types of enzymes that cause your muscles to store more carbohydrate in the form of glycogen. Glycogen is a "hydrophilic" compound, which means it attracts water. So that extra glycogen in your muscle cells includes extra water. This can add some weight.

Over the long term, however, if your weight continues to go up, it's very unlikely that you gaining because you are exercising too much. It is more likely that you are eating more and/or exercising less than you think. How can you find the perfect balance for both? That is where our trainers come in. Our program is a long term investement. You will learn and adapt for a new style of training that will permit you to see your gains become permanent. Short term gains are often loss due in the training style and eating habits. Let's fix that today.

Strength Training Principles:


To see gains in strength you must always stimulate the muscle more than it is accustomed to.


The active muscle must continue to work against a gradually increasing resistance in order to meet overload.


Gains you receive are dependent on the muscle group used, and movement pattern performed. (See Specific Strength Training Programs)

Strength (maximal force):

If you are interested in strength gains you want to train with higher weights and closer to your 1 RM.

Endurance (submaximal force that is repeated):

If you are interested in gains in endurance, you should concentrate on lifting lower weights and higher repetitions.

Arrangement: Warm-up -

the warm-up should be "sport specific". In other words, if you are performing the bench press, begin your warm-up with a light intensity and perform 8-10 reps.

Stretch -

it is important to stretch to promote increased blood flow to the muscles, and to increase flexibility, range of motion and decrease the risk of injury.

Workout -

work larger muscle groups first, then smaller muscle groups.

Cool-down -

keeps the body active and prevents pooling of blood in the extremities. The cool-down is done at a lower intensity.

Breathing :

When lifting weight or working muscles against resistance, exhale through the mouth as you are performing the work. Caution: Failure to breathe correctly during heavy weight lifting may cause drastic increases in blood pressure that may be harmful.


Endurance sports primarily use one direction, forward (called sagittal in the exercise science world). Therefore, it’s important to focus your training on improving strength and explosiveness in that direction. However, to prevent overuse injuries and maximize performance, it’s important to move laterally and rotationally as well (frontal and transverse). Each training day should incorporate all three of these directions.

How to get started with P.T.P?

1st appointement

On our first appointement, we will diagnose your strenghts and weakness in regards to training. We will analyse what you have to work on to better yourself for your weaknesses. Following that, we are going to analyse your goals and your deadline in the case where you have one. If you have any form of injuries, we will take note of them and work around them. In the case where you are not aware that you are injured, we will sit down and explain how we can treat your injuries and fix them. Once we have all the data needed, we will be able to construct a very specific training program to your needs. This on average requires you to work out 3 days a week. However certain cases will be different depending on your goals and deadlines..

2nd appointement

On the second appointement, we go over some details to treach you how to work out based on your P.T.P. 1) We go around the gym showing you what settings and adjustements you have to do in regards of the equipement. 2) Choosing the proper weight is key. Heavier is not better. You must train in according to the level of which your body is at. 3) We show you the proper breathing techniques during your workout. 4) Form and position of training is very important to avoid injuries and bad training. Doing 4 proper reps is better than 10 reps with a bad form. 5) The speed at which you must train is the last element we go over with you on the 2nd day.

3rd appointement

On the third appointement, we give you your 2nd P.T.P. That is your day 2 of your work out. Once again, we go over the same steps and teach you how to properly exercise with your day 2.

4th appointement

On the fourth appointement, we give you your 3rd P.T.P. That is your day 3 of your work out. Once again, we go over the same steps and teach you how to properly exercise with your day 3.

5th appointement

On the fifth appointement, which is after a month, we go over your progress and your body reaction. We adjust and evaluate your results.


How to properly eat without a diet?

A diet can be flexible and should always be.

Consider quality, not just calories

“A calorie is a calorie” is an oft-repeated dietary slogan, and not overeating is indeed an important health measure. Rather than focusing on calories alone, however, emerging research shows that quality is also key in determining what we should eat and what we should avoid in order to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Rather than choosing foods based only on caloric value, think instead about choosing high-quality, healthy foods, and minimizing low-quality foods.

High quality food is important to your diet. Eating an apple every day is amazing. However you can still get all of your nutrition throught various forms of diets. One study analyzed whether certain foods were more or less likely to promote weight gain. This type of research examining specific foods and drinks allows us to understand whether “a calorie is a calorie,” or if eating more higher-quality foods and fewer lower-quality foods can lead to weight loss and maintenance.

Detox, the proper way

How ineffective products treat non-existent conditions

They may line the shelves of your local pharmacy. Boxes or bottles, with some combination of “detox”, “cleanse” or “flush” in the product name. The label promises you a renewed body and better health – only seven days and $21.95 away.

Detoxification is a legitimate medical term: It refers to procedures to treat dangerous levels of drugs, alcohol, or poisons, like heavy metals. Detoxification treatments are conducted by trained medical staff in a hospital or clinic- it’s not a do-it-yourself endeavor. So what’s with all the detox products in the drugstore?

For some reason, “detoxification” has been widely embraced in popular culture, and it’s now applied to all sorts of products and processes: Diets, fasting, supplements, homeopathy, colonic irrigation, scrub brushes and foot baths are all referred to as detoxification. This review will focus on detox products that you’ll find at your local pharmacy: the seven- to thirty-day kits promising a whole new you. To evaluate the value of these detox kits, we need to understand the science of toxins, the nature of toxicity, and how detox kits remove toxins. With this framework, it’s a simple matter to sort out fact from fiction.

Sportive Nutrition

The proper way of eating can vary depending on what your body type is, your workout plan, your goals and multiple more factors. Proper detox is atteined upon proper methods for a total duration of 3 days. Most pharmaceutical products do not help with the detox period. Increasing your sleeping time, sweeting excessively, lemon water, deep colored veggies are some of the few natural methods of detoxing your body.


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